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Remote Desktop Software

owned by your company


Setup your Own Remote Desktop Solution

Other remote desktop software is often provided as a service. You are connected as long as you pay. If something goes wrong with the service provider, you don’t have the service.

We offer a different solution where you own a license and host a remote desktop service in your own company, on-premises. The benefits:

  • your company has full control over the software and the service,
  • the data traffic is not transmitted over third-party servers,
  • there is no risk to lose the right to use the software due to external factors.
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Unidostup is the most suitable for

  • operators of technical support, delivering remote maintenance,
  • companies-developers of software and producers of computerized equipment,
  • inhouse and outsource system administrators,
  • software integrators.

Why Choose Unidostup?

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Ease of use, in particular, on the user side

Unidostup is user-friendly and simple, both for operator, and for the user served. Accountants and managers will easily master the new tool.

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We will assist with setup and migration

Unidostup is easy to deploy on the server and to setup on PCs, which includes the cases of migration from similar services.

Developer and copyright holder

The software is based on license-clean TightVNC code

Choosing Unidostup you get fully legal software by a world-wide known developer.

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About the Developers

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«We have been creating remote access solutions, which are in demand worldwide, for more than 20 years. The foundation of our developing and the calling card of GlavSoft company are license-clean and recognizable all over the world TightVNC technologies».

Constantin Kaplinskiy
GlavSoft, LLC, CEO and founder
TightVNC creator

GlavSoft.com >

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Get Unidostup demo* for testing. For this, fill in the form below. We will send you the software demo to the email indicated.

*Unlike full-version, demo-version works via Commutator owned by GlavSoft company.